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SBL753 large solar battery brushless pump kit
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Product Features

  • Technological innovation: SBL753 large solar battery brushless pump kit uses the latest brushless motor technology, which is the biggest breakthrough since traditional solar diaphragm motor pump, and eliminates the timely repairs and replacements of the latter. Reliable and maintenance-free brushless DC motor in solar brushless pump has no failure-prone carbon brush and shaft seal, ensuring robust long service life of solar pump. No damage if impeller jams and extremely quiet operation thanks to the ceramic axis in brushless DC motor in solar brushless pump.
  • Eco-friendly: The built-in rechargeable battery backup controller makes the SBL753 so cute for cloudy & night use. It is totally eco-friendly because the power that enables the solar pump to work is all from the sunlight which is the cleanest energy on earth. Without the limitation of traditional fuel or electricity, it is safe for your kids and is portable to create a harmonious scene of nature wherever desired. Birds taking shower, animals drinking water while kids playing nearby.
  • Easy to use: SBL753 is simply made up of a solar panel, a DC solar brushless pump, a rechargeable battery backup controller, 8 fountain head attachments for creating 3 different spray fountain shapes, and a connection cable which makes it very easy to assemble them together. Without considering the socket, it can be placed wherever you want to create a new fountain or waterfall and you can just give full scope to your imagination!
  • Powerful functions: SBL753 is able to spray the fountain up to 67 inches (1.7m) and the water flow capacity is up to 172 g/h (650 l/h), with adjustable variable flow rate. In order to get a better place to collect more sunlight, the extra-long cord allows you to put the solar panel up to 32feet (10m) from the fountain.
  • Battery backup: SBL753 is equipped with a rechargeable battery backup that can store energy for the night use. A full battery charge during the day (without day running)  can provide up to 8 hours of pump running at night. A full battery charge during the day (with day running) can provide up to additional 3 hours of pump running at night. Kindly note that some stored energy is also consumed because there are some cloudy hours in the sunny day time. The built-in timer swaps the pump running mode between "intermittent mode" and "continuous mode". In the intermittent mode, the pump runs 15 mins per hour to save the energy, as is especially useful in winter or cloudy days.
  •  Product Specifications
    Frame of solar panel : Aluminum Outlet (discharge) hose tail : 1/2"
    Rated power of solar panel : 10W Pump dimension, LxWxH (inch) : 6" x 3-3/8" x 3-3/4"
    Nominal voltage of solar panel : 20V  Fountain head attachments : 8 pcs
    Battery capacity : 12V, 4.5AH Connection cable length : 32ft
    Model of solar pump : BLP750A Dimensions of solar panel, LxWxH (inch) : 13" x 10" x 5/8"
    Max. pumping head(feet)  : 5.6 ft Warranty of solar panel  : 10 years  
    Max. litres per hr  : 650 Warranty of solar pump  :  5 years

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